Available now!

You can grab a copy of Big Pharma and its expansion Marketing and Malpractice direct from here using the humble widgets below. There's also links to other stores where you can get the game.

(requires base game v1.06.00 or later to work. If you purchased the base game prior to the expansion being released then redownload the base game for the latest version)

Any questions or problems with ordering? Email cliff

*medications are entirely a virtual construct manufactured during a computer game. Actual value of medications is zero. Actual ability to cure real known problems is zero. Twice Circled and Positech Games provide no warranty as to the suitability of PC strategy games to cure diseases, real, virtual or entirely the figment of players' imaginations. Do not play Big Pharma whilst operating heavy machinery. Consult your doctor before playing any other, lesser strategy games. Terms and conditions may apply, they usually do, and nobody ever reads them. Your mileage may vary. Use as part of a balanced diet.