Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice Expansion


are the beautiful and persuasive sales force of your pharmaceutical empire and they have a number of tricks up their sleeves:

  • Offer doctors free gifts to increase sales but at the risk of receiving bad publicity.
  • Oversee clinical trials (and fudge the results!) to give permanent bonuses to your products, but there's a catch, poor results will drag your product's rating through the mud.
  • Run disease awareness campaigns to convince the public that they're sick, and that you've got the drug to cure them.
Big Pharma Screenshot

With manual price setting...

it's finally possible to unleash the full depths of your strategy. Will you:

  • Undercut your opponents prices to force them out of the market?
  • Attain a monopoly and charge an extortionate price for a life-saving cure?
  • Walk the middle ground between high volume and high margin and provide a fair product for a fair price?
Big Pharma Characters

New production lines tools...

are available too! Make your factories more productive than ever by:

  • Transferring drugs between buildings!
  • Adding all-new Booster Effects to your cures to increase their sale appeal.
  • Using Stock Gates to regulate the flow of drugs through your factory in reaction to market demand.
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Unlockable perks...

it's finally possible to unleash the full depths of your strategy.

  • Select your fixed bonuses at the beginning of each game to define your entire strategy.
  • Watch out, your competitors have access to them too.

Big Pharma Characters